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Orchid Farm | Sawassdee Flora Co.,Ltd

At Sawasdee Flora Co.,Ltd , we have a mission to deliver the best quality orchids possible and creating a long meaningful relationship with our customers, while empowering our employees to reach their full potential. Founded in 1994, our mission we created was the same as it is today.

Our Mission




Fresh Cut Orchids | Sawasdee Flora Co.,Ltd
Fresh Cut Orchids 
Loose Bloom Orchids | Sawasdee Flora Co.Ltd

We are Sawasdee Flora, an exporter and a grower of mainly fresh-cut orchid flowers that based in Thailand. While focusing on superior quality of fresh-cut flowers and taking each customers order seriously, we could make to orders and can be customised depending on your demands.

Loose Bloom

We are fully aware how you worry about your shipment and quality of the product; our team is trying our best to satisfy your orders as well as to meet the standard quality. We also emphasis on how well our products packed and delivered safety with minimised damage, for instance through temperature control during our shipping.  

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Efficiency and Productivity


Team and Development


Relationship with our customers

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