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For quality and freshness, we cut fresh orchid flowers directly from our farm and from our partners by our specialised staffs in selecting and handling only the finest quality orchids. Cut stems then being reinspected again so that every orchid stem meets the minimum standards in regards to sizes, quality, blooms and etc. After carefully selected our team will pack your orchids with care and ensure the quality and standard throughout the process in our packinghouse. In addition, we provide a cooling room or temperature controlled room for pre - cooling and storing orchids ready to be shipped.


Before our orchids to be delivered to the airport, fresh cut orchid flowers must be treated for insect - free or fumigated. To make sure of that we have standard Fumigation Chambers at our own facility, which has been approved by the Department of Agriculture with certificate to guarantee the minimum standard requirement and as compulsory by law.


For best temperature and quality control we deliver your orchids by our own logistics- road transport; with temperature control to guarantees the freshness and condition.

Processing and Packing At Our Factory

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